Zeus's Affairs

Zeus's Affairs

Zeus's Affairs - A God, his Lovers and his Offspring.

Reconstruction of Zeus's genealogy as described by different authors, with brief description of each character.


Relationships: Zeus is represented by the wide thick black circles of the scheme. In the inner part of these circles there are all his lovers, which are connected with coloured lines to their children.
Crossings between circles and lines represent a relationship.
Thin circles, in the central part of the diagram, represent brotherhoods.

Authors: Every author, who represented a source of information about the relationships, dealt with the subject in a different way; in the global diagram it can be seen that not every relationship is mentioned the same number of times as the others.
By clicking on the names of the authors in the column on the left, single diagrams will appear in the central part, showing the relationships about which the selected author wrote. The four main colours have been chosen to subdivide the names on the basis of the period in which the authors lived.

Navigation: It is possible to zoom in and out the diagrams and to drag the visualisation in order to navigate more comfortably and gain a higher readability of information.
Futhermore, a zoom reset is available.

Characters: By clicking on the names in the diagram, a small box will pop up: it contains a brief biography that explains the main events of the life of the selected character.

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Wallet's picture

Well researched, excellent visualisation.

Jonny Platt's picture

Wow! He did pretty well for himself, didn't he?

Seldoon Eeffoc's picture

Very nicely done. Kudos to you. How much research did you have to do for this?

Posted Dec 6, 2012
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