World Health Ranking

World Health Ranking

We developed a concept to visualize the live-feed-data from in a monthly chart-tree for disease-alerts world wide. Using the overall alerts from all countries, a ranking is generated, which shows, which countries have the most disease alerts and which have the least. If you active a certain country, detailed informations like specific disease alerts over time are presented. This visualization is something like a one-month clock,

We took this Approach, because through our journey of data analysis, we came to the conclusion, that America seems to be the sickest country on our planet. Of course this is not the truth, since the alert system is based on news services, which are mostly based in the U.S. and Google search queries.

We think that this kind of US-centered data creates a distorted image of our world and should currently not be used to relate health-data between countries. Something which we think is very important.

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Posted Nov 11, 2012
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Tools Google Refine, Illustrator, Processing, Tableau
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