Who are the "markets"? Dax Shareholder Structure

Who are the "markets"? Dax Shareholder Structure

"Germany's Schaeuble: Markets are excessively nervous" – The german finance minister is taming and caressing the "markets" and want the other european countries to "calm the nervousness in the markets" as well. But what are the markets?

To get a grasp, I had a look at the german DAX, an index of the 30 most successful german companies. Then I looked at their shareholders. When the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) was ratified in German TV by the main judge, they showed a realtime camera to the DAX index and looked how it behaved. So this might be a clue to the importance of "markets" and where they become visible.

And best, its quite small. The markets is Blackrock Inc, Capital Group Companies, Morgan Stanley and Société Générale. This is for the international elite. The local is Johanna Quand with their children Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten, as well as Ludwig Merckle.

Siemens Family can be named as well. Siemens is a client of BlackRock, Inc. Which means they are investing their money. Pritty small "markets".

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