Where do white Republicans live in NYC?

Where do white Republicans live in NYC?

Inspired by the map from WNYC and some discussions on reddit, this map overlays the percentage of registered republicans with the percentage of white population in a specific election tract. Note that this map only shows percentages - the dark red spot in Brooklyn is Prospect Park with a registered population of 1 (who happens to be Republican). I decided against removing these outliers.

Notable: higher percentage of white population means more registered Republicans. Also notable exceptions: Brooklyn / Williamsburg, East Village.
Also note the difference between the Upper Eastside and Upper Westside.

The CMYK composite overlays a 2010 Demographic Census Blockgroup map (C channel), voter roll data per election tract (MY channel).

Voter roll data provided by John Keefe, his comments about the data:
"It's filtered for what NYC considers "active" voters, which means they've voted in at least one of the last two presidential elections. So, as the map key says: "NYC voter rolls and district lines as of April 2011. Includes 2,976,913 people (11.3% Republican) who've voted since 2004."

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Posted Oct 2, 2012
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