WHAT MADE ME was designed together with Kuba Kolec
for the Birmingham Made Me Design Expo, 15-22 June 2012.
Commissioned by the Idea Birmingham and Birmingham City
University, the installation was created to provide an interactive
experience for visiting public.

Through a visual system that uses colour, line and grid
composition, the project explored what shapes the people
of Birmingham by asking participants what made them
Think, Create, Angry, Happy and Change. Each question was
represented by a different thread colour and could be answered
by connecting relevant words together. Over the course of
the week, a multi-layered, visual data map has been created,
concluding the Birmingham Made Me Design Expo and
receiving The Most Original Exhibit Award 2012.

Full project info and more photos at http://bit.ly/LShRP8

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Posted Apr 18, 2013
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Tags art, birmingham made me, birmingham made me, data net, data net, installation, interactive, network, physical, visual complexity, visual data, visual data
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