A walk in Barcelona

A walk in Barcelona

This is a visualization of a 2-hour long walk through Barcelona. See http://www.theworldneedsmoredreamers.net/a-walk-in-barcelona/ for more info.

Google Maps is now the dominant way to represent location and presence. My aim was to explore other options. What qualities of a walk are revealed when we take away the familiar image of the map?

I was influenced by Michel de Certeau & his The Practice of Everyday Life. To him, walking is a creative act that brings to city to life. He compares it to writing and drawing.

This project was done during a Processing workshop led by Cristobal Castilla. He had the fantastic idea to use the colors from Google Maps to visualize the trail. I like this indirect reference to GM, and it also reveals something about how public space is used.

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Posted Nov 20, 2012
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Tags flaneur, GPS, mapping
Tools Adobe Photoshop, AntiMap, Google Maps, php, Processing
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