The voices of the vulnerable

The voices of the vulnerable

How to view:
The visualization can be navigated via the vertical arrows (or vertical scroll) to view at first an overview of all the countries and then each country, one by one, OR, via the horizontal arrows (or horizontal scroll) to view a certain issue in all of the countries.

The colors mean countries (I chose one color from each country's flag).
The darkness/lightness variations of a color mean worse/same/better and so on.
The order in which I presented the countries has no meaning.

In Safari browser the arrows don't work well, please scroll with your mouse instead.


In the - Country's Economy vs Meeting your Household Needs - graphs, I showed also the relationships between those answers. This might give us a clue of the relevance of the answers, because those who answered that the economy is much worse but they do better at their household might have a reason not related to the global crises for doing better, or were too subjective.

The part about - Relevant things that people talk about - tries to capture the pulse of the surveyed people about dealing with the household problems and about their quality of life (I chose to treat these to questions together as the answers completed each other in very many cases, the quality of life is also explored further in the graphs below this section). Many answers contained information about more than one issue, therefore they were included in many circles.
The whole graph is not a breakdown of what % of the population thinks or does, it's actually more similar to a word cloud, it's an issue cloud. Also, I have included some issues that appeared only few times but I believe some of them are relevant and may give important clues about what the majority talked about, but didn't mentioned it.

A special case it's Ukraine, where about 2 thirds mentioned the word "Change" with different attitudes, (from No change, to a change is highly needed, a change is visible) and many more talked about it with other words. Only few said "A change of power" or a "Change of government", "Justice for the people", although few, I believe they are very relevant and give "Change" a political meaning besides the economical one.

In order to make the wordclouds about the future, I had grouped together similar words (like change and changing), treated as an expression groups of few words that had a meaning like that, and regarding the answers that were phrases with many words, I had included them in the one word that summed up best the phrase (not necessary written in the phrase, but had the meaning of the phrase). For example, in India, many people told what profession they want to have in future, I grouped them as "profession" so that their plans about careers would show up in the cloud.

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Posted Jul 25, 2011
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