Visualizing Works

Visualizing Works


1. Motivation
Since 2002,I have been working on various arts and design projects as a student and a professional designer. From my experiences, I have got lotsof inspiration, new points of view about matters, a lot of different skills to share my ideas and diverse experiences with other people and emotions that I could have in my life and so on. These experiences make me grow and give me a broad perspective about my works. Recently, I feel that Ishould remind myself about my ļ¬rst intention that I had long time ago. Because, I decided to do projects that focus on data visualization and user experience design more deeply. Therefore, I have a chance to arrange my past works and practice my next advanced data visualization project.According to my time line, the ļ¬rst round was from 2002 to 2010. And I just began the second round from this year. It means that this time is like aturning point for me as a designer. And I can not guarantee how many rounds I could do in my life. However, I am going to have an anniversaryproject at the every end of the round to refresh my mind and works.

It is an interactive data visualization project of the other 63 works that I have done from 2002 to 2010.I have focused on how to communicate an information to people with a color system effectively for this project. Two years ago, one of my teacherssuggested me an article,"An algorithm for generating color scales for both categorical and ordinal coding" It was about an algorithm of colors andhow they can see the categorical and ordinal encoding. According to the paper, they are studying a program to combine the advantage of theabsolute recognition by hue and the advantage of the relative recognition by the lightness for an information design. The point of the result is to ļ¬ndout if data is composed of a scale of the lightness and random hue changes. It was designed so that the hue doesnt interrupt the information of thelightness made. Finally, I inspired the result thats why I decide to study the way to imprint the information to the user with a color system. For the process, I refer a book Visualizing Data that Ben Fry wrote and lots of data visualization studies.

Full Process Documentation is in the "slideshare"

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Posted Jul 28, 2011
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