Visualizing Medicare Provider Charge Data by Hospital Referral Region

Visualizing Medicare Provider Charge Data by Hospital Referral Region

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Our visualization is a map-based view of the CMS Medicare Provider Charge Data. For each inpatient and outpatient procedure, three interactive maps show the average charge to Medicare, average payment from Medicare, and the percent reduction from charge to payment for providers within each of the Hospital Referral Regions from the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care. The Hospital Referral Regions represent geographic areas across the United States wherein patients would likely be referred for tertiary medical care.
Users of the visualization can select to view Medicare services from either the inpatient or outpatient categories, and then select a specific service from the dropdown box. Upon selecting a service, the three maps and legends update to reflect the charge data for that service. Moving the mouse over a particular region will show the specific charge, payment, and percent reduction data for that region. Clicking a region zooms the map into a closer view of the region, and clicking the centered region a second time returns the map to its original nationwide view.
Our visualization is meant to show the public the geospatial distribution of Medicare service charges, payments, and the discrepancy between the two in a fun and simple-to-use manner. Viewers can try to find geospatial patterns in the data, or just find out more about their home region to better understand provider pricing in their area.

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Posted Aug 19, 2013
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Tools d3.js, simple-statistics.js
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