Visualizing the Federal Shutdown

Visualizing the Federal Shutdown

This is a dashboard I've been working on to visualize the effects of the current Federal Government shutdown. The stats at the top are updated live based on average figures multiplied by the time since the shutdown began.

The treemap graphic shows which federal employees are still at work, and which are furloughed. I've seen several attempts at visualizing the effect of furloughs, but they've all used bar charts and showed *either* the proportion of employees furloughed from each department or the absolute numbers. The treemap here allows the reader to see both data points at once and get a better sense for the overall situation.

The source code and the underlying data (which I scraped by hand from OMB contingency plan documents) can be found on my github:

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Posted Oct 7, 2013
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Tags Economy, economics, Employment, federal, furloughs, Government, Politics, shutdown
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