US Map Of Most Frequent Disease Alerts | Aug-Oct 2012

US Map Of Most Frequent Disease Alerts | Aug-Oct 2012

This visualization lets you browse through the location of 6 of the most common disease alerts in the USA in the period Aug-Oct 2012. You can toggle the diseases on/off in the sidebar. You can zoom into specific states to see a more detailed pattern among the diseases.

The timeline below represents the date of occurrence and the number of cases reported per day. You can hover the mouse on the timeline to see the alerts for each day and evolution of alerts over time.

This visualization can be further used for geo-location specific queries to study patterns around a person's city if more data is supplied.

Patterns detected by us so far:
1. We could clearly see the spike in the meningitis cases which were recorded the last month.
2. West Nile virus, as per the season, is more active during warmer seasons than the colder ones majorly because of the carriers of the disease are more active during that season.
3. The region near the tri-state area is highly susceptible to west nile virus near the forest regions indicating the origin of spread.

There are other geographic pattern which can be detected by studying the visualization using the timeline.

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Posted Nov 11, 2012
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