U.S. Hospital Pricing Disparities

U.S. Hospital Pricing Disparities

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This visualizing presents the CMS Medicare data in a simple, effective and appealing way, giving interesting insights and helps for decision making when it comes to choosing a hospital.It consists of a chart and a map on which hospital data are displayed for a selected medical procedure.

Each bubble represents one hospital. They are ranked from highest to lowest according to the type of selected data. The blue dots represent averages for each state. This way, the visualization offers a macro and micro view. The color coding is relative to the patient's satisfaction where pink is the worst and green the best. The map gives a geospatial view of the data where the bubbles sizes encode data relative to price.

You may select a specific DRG/APC from the list and the visualization will update for the selected data. By hovering a bubble, it displays precise and additional information on the hospital. You also have the possibility to compare side by side two different hospitals by selecting them using the alt key on the keyboard, which will highlight them on the map as well.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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