Tweetography provides a unique platform to engage with and analyze information transmission and subsequent connections on Twitter. Through an easy-to-use web interface, we allow content-based filtering of live tweets, displaying their geographical evolution over time through an interactive Processing application. We go beyond distribution analysis and delve deeper into the nature of these tweets, using well-established APIs to gauge their respective moods and collapse the content into a visually accessible word cloud. Ultimately, we strive to place you at the epicenter of the social network, giving you the tools to track local, national, and global evolutionary cultural forces with the hope of better connecting you to your world. Welcome to Tweetography, humanity's seismograph at your fingertips.

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I appreciate this

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Being a Twitter addict, I was looking forward to this one. Looks like it's no longer available though :(

Posted Jun 8, 2012
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Tags connected, dynamic, Global, query, real-time, Trends, tweet, Twitter
Tools Processing, Ruby on Rails
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