Travel Score

Travel Score

An interactive map that visualizes how much of the world you've already explored

The basic idea behind the map is quite simple. It divides the earth into graticular blocks with a size of 2x2 degrees. By selecting those cells that you've already visited, the application calculates:
- how many of the earth's 197 countries you've visited
- the share of the world's population that lives in the selected areas
- the share of the earth's land surface that lies inside the selected cells

The overall travel score is calculated as the mean of these three parameters. Of course this calculation method is kind of arbitrary. It's just my approach to measuring how much of the world a person has seen.

Selecting a cell is as easy as clicking on it - click again to deselect it. To zoom in use the mouse wheel or the pinch gesture on touch devices. Finally, if you click on a cell which comprises more than one country, a pop-up will appear which prompts you to select those countries inside this cell that you've visited. If you are interested in the technical details behind this project you can find a more detailed description on my blog:

Side note: this map is not optimized for Internet Explorer or older browsers in general. There might as well be problems on less powerful or mobile devices, as the visualizations takes heavy use of SVG in browser rendering.

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