Team X Interactive RWJF Hospital Visualization Challenge

Team X Interactive RWJF Hospital Visualization Challenge


Team X on “RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge”:

Data: Inpatient Charge Data, Official Hospital Compare Data, Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program Data

All of our data has been analyzed using Tableau (an analytical/visualization tool).

The interactive version of our visualization tool provides a comparison of hospital costs, quality and outcomes based on available data from CMS, as well as other data sources. Data is analyzed and presented as a dashboard with filtering capability which will be beneficial to CMS, providers/specialists and patients for evaluating the cost of a particular hospital when compared to quality (e.g. survey results) and outcomes (e.g. readmission rates). Users will be able to visualize and identify hospitals with higher paid amounts by DRG/APC, compared to State and National averages, and compare these payments with those for nearby hospitals. Similar to the cost, users will be able to evaluate hospitals based on survey results, performance scores (clinical and patient experience), readmission rates, number of discharges etc., which will help users make better decisions on which hospitals they should refer to or utilize for a particular procedure/DRG. This tool allows users to see data in an intuitive tabular format by hospital, DRG, APC, State or referral region with search capability.

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This is for RWJF Hospital Pricing Visualization Challenge, interactive version.

Posted Aug 26, 2013
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Tools Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Excel, Tableau
Hospital Value Based Purchasing
CMS DRG and APC Pricing Data
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