Symcat Hospital Shopper

Symcat Hospital Shopper

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Symcat’s Hospital Shopper tool allows users to compare cost and quality information for hospitals across the US.

Zooming In

Hospital Shopper allows data visualization at various levels of geographic “zoom”. Use your scroll wheel or trackpad to zoom in and see more detailed data - from state level, to hospital referral region, to hospital service area, down to individual hospitals.

Clicking on a hospital will bring up further information and a link to it on Google Maps.

Data Analysis

All data is weighted by the frequency of different procedure types, so that the patient population doesn't skew an area's rankings. The visualization starts with an overall cost index showing on average how each area compares.

Our resident MD has translated CMS DRGs into user friendly concepts, with descriptions from MeSH and Wikipedia. There's additionally data on hospital quality from CMS Hospital Compare.

Color Coding

Color coding is based on the percentile of a hospital, hospital referral region, or state on a given measure. Green colors mean relatively better performing hospitals, while red indicates relative underperformance vs. the national average.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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