Student Performance Dashboard

Student Performance Dashboard

Dashboard Description:

Top section gives comparative analysis of Class teachers Maths class (based on latest math assessment score) with the her other classes, overall school performance and district. Looking at the data her current class performance is below Average compared to her other classes.

Class Summary:
All Students are categorised in different colors based on their latest math assessment score. Green is for top performers, Red is for poor scorers, so that class teacher can quickly analyse which student requires more attention. Up and down arrows ( next to Current Course grade) shows students’ performance has gone up or down against the grade goal. Past assessment is displayed in bar graphs which gives past performance changes. Also instead of showing all assignment scores I have just showed average of all.

Similar to performance, I have categories behavioural data in different shades of blue. For example those who are in darker shades of blue requires more behavioural attention.

Top Right section gives comparative analysis of detailed student performance with other classes, school and district level students.

Right bottom gives overall details of students which requires special disciplinary and performance attention.

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Posted Dec 21, 2012
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