Sprint Final Project: Global Water Experiment

This visualization was created collaboratively during the first Visualization Sprint. Over the course of three weeks, anyone in the community could contribute edits to the code, vote on which features were working best, and comment on the future direction of the design. 66 versions were contributed by fifteen partipants during the sprint, along with a good deal of discussion and collaborative problem solving. You can check out the whole process here: http://www.visualizing.org/sprint/global-water-experiment

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Diana M Chernofsky's picture

Unfortunately all one can see with this is the visualization preview. Can't manipulate any of it. Doesn't run. Too bad.

Fabienne Meyers's picture

I have been watching the sprint from the side line, and all I can think is that chemists have much to learn about collaborative work, and seeing what you guys (and girls!) have done is quite amazing. This sprint is an amazing way to wrap-up of the Global Experiment today, just a year after it all started on World Water Day 2011. Thank You!
Fabienne, for the IYC team @ chemistry2011.org

Posted Mar 21, 2012
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Tags Drinking water, Water
Tools d3.js, jquery
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