Space of Olympic Games

Space of Olympic Games

I imagined that every Olympic game is a galaxy of stars...
And after some searching and thought it turned out that there are.
There are two modes, view a graph with the ability to draw the vertices as stars...
And an increase in the corresponding peaks appear the level of detail and mode statistics with multiple schedules. Good luck!

Number of medals correspond to the number of medals received by participants, not teams.

How to use

  • Scroll - increase / decrease
  • Button at top left change mode stars off or on.
  • Button statistics open window statistics of sports and countries.
    You can:

  • Move mouse on circle to view statistic about sports/countries
  • Use scroll at bottom (or click on bar) to change the current year.
  • Panel with filters provide opportunity apply another filters.
    In order to apply filter to click on row.
  • That used

    • D3.js โ€” is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.
      Used the next main layout:

    • Force Layout โ€” for the calculation of the graph.
    • Pack Layout โ€” for the calculated of the bubbles of the countries medals.
  • Inkscape โ€” in order to create stars.
  • Datasource:
  • Media files:
  • you can also run visualization in statistics mode only use this link:

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