Sightline Portland Population Animation

Sightline Portland Population Animation

This movie file shows an animation of urban sprawl that we created for the Sightline Institute using the Census data from 1990, 2000 and 2010 for the Portland metro area in Oregon.  The animation shows the growth of the population and the population density during the last 20 years.  You can download the animation as a 600MB movie file here.  To download the movi file rightclick on the filename, save it to your harddisk and play it:  

Sightline Portland Sprawl Animation  

  We didn't want to sacrifce image quality so we didn't compress it.  If you love high quality imagery it's well worth the 45 minute wait.  The animation starts on Census Day in 1990 and shows 240 images, one for each month, through Census Day 2010.  Population densities under .5 person per acre are not colored.  The lowest density is shown in blue, higher in green and then yellow.  The deep red colors show the highest population density.  The animation is created using millions of census records spanning two decades.  The Moonshadow Big Data Visualizer technology was used to create the animation.  



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Posted May 23, 2011
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