RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge (Static)

RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge (Static)

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We analyzed inpatient data provided by CMS, along with external data on healthcare spending in the U.S. This data was aggregated at several levels to arrive at a summary that is depicted in the visualization.

This visualization shows the total number of Medicare patient discharges across U.S. in FY2011 (based on provided data that included about 60% claims only), the average covered charges claimed by hospitals and the average total payment from Medicare. It then portrays the average burden of medical bills on Americans and on the nation as a whole. Next, it highlights states and their number of discharges, average covered charges, average total payments, and lastly, providers with lowest average coverage charges.

This display of information is crucial for public to easily comprehend the national burden from healthcare expenditure along with the significant variations in healthcare charges and payments from state to state. It would also allow them to make decision on their preferred state of residence based on their individual needs and economic status. These visuals would also help policy makers allocate resources proportionately while putting in efforts to bring some level of parity in Medicare claims.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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