RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge

RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge


The RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge provides a unique opportunity to provide consumers with hospital cost information. This submission consists of three components. First, CMS’s triple aim concept was incorporated using additional data available on CMS’s Hospital Compare website. Process measures were used for “care” (AMI, Surgical Care Infection, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, HCAHPS, and others), outcome measures were used for “health” (Hospital Acquired Infections, Hospital Acquired Conditions, Mortality, 30 Day Readmissions and other patient safety indicators) and the new inpatient charge data were used for “cost”. By leveraging care, health and cost information, consumers can select a value hospital. Second, radar (spider) graphs were used to graph the information due to the volume and complexity of data. All static information is shown on one page per hospital at both a national and state level. All data points are not identified for simplicity. Consumers simply may not know the difference between conditions such as Heart Failure and AMI. All data points are sorted by performance by hospital and then put on the graph using a dot per DRG/measure. The radar graphs are inverted. The best results are at the center (“target”) and worst results are on the outer edge. Third, consumers will select hospitals within their vicinity. Each hospital’s static graph is geocoded using Google Fusion Tables so consumers can easily compare hospitals in their area of interest\travel.

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Posted Aug 22, 2013
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Tags Health, RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge
Tools Google Fusion Tables, MS Access
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