RWJF Hospital Price Transparency

RWJF Hospital Price Transparency

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We analyzed inpatient data provided by CMS, along with external data for inpatient hospital satisfaction. The data was joined by provider ID and aggregated across providers for state-level information visualization.

This interactive visualization shows average covered charges across the U.S. as well as the number of hospitals providing services for a given diagnosis-procedure pair. It also shows the top hospitals in a state that received the maximum total payment from Medicare in FY2011. Furthermore, the horizontal bar graph presents the top hospitals that have conducted the treatment for maximum number of patients (corresponding to maximum number of discharges). Lastly, it shows hospitals along with their average covered charges, deviation from state average, rating of service and address.

This visualization could be beneficial for public in several ways. In case of a user being unsatisfied with the treatment they are receiving at the current provider, whether due to high costs or poor quality of services, they could use this visualization to select hospitals by average covered cost or rating of services and find one or more that meet their requirements. Moreover, considering a more serious case, when a user’s hospital is unable to treat their family member’s ailment, this interactive visualization would assist them with shortlisting hospitals with the most experience in treating a problem, both locally and in other states. Also, for the public at large, it helps them develop an understanding of where the most and the best medical facilities are to assist them with life-stage decisions.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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