The Rising of Olympic Mountains

The Rising of Olympic Mountains

An overview of the history of the Summer Olympic Games.

In this project I look back at the 112 year history of the modern Summer Olympic Games, which were first held in Athena in 1896. The visualisation shows the evolution of the games and provides an overview of the participating nations, the medals they won and the sports they're most skilled in.

The metaphor of the Mount Olympus inspired me to arrange the bar charts as a visual representation of a mountain. I took the medal count of each sport to rank them from the center outward, to show which are the top sports of each country. I did the sorting of each nation with the IOC ranking system that outweigh the gold, silver and bronze medals to conclude the ranking list. Beside D3 and Python I used the JQuery plugin isotope to arrange the countries and to animate the transitions.

More details under:

The visualisation was developed during my internship at Interactive Things ( Thanks for the big help, guys!

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Posted Jul 27, 2012
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Tags History, medals, Olympics Games
Tools d3, Isotope, jquery, Python
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