Procedure Price Check

Procedure Price Check

Visualizing and Analyziing Hospital Price Data
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Procedure Price Check allows users to interactively visualize all the inpatient and outpatient data recently released by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Along with full-text searching across all the data, users can sort data by procedure, hospital, state, proximity to zip code, or any of the pertinent data outpatient columns (average estimated submitted charges, total payments, services performed) or inpatient columns (average covered charges, total payments, total discharges). Procedure Price Check’s dynamic graphs illustrate many of the large discrepancies between hospitals, states, and regions, giving users a quick “bird’s eye view” of the data. Through the visualization and sorting capabilities of Procedure Price Check, the public will be able to better determine what hospitals charge for procedures, and in particular, what they charge in their region relative to each other.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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Tags centers for medicare and medicaid
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