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The Paywithpeers (PWP) visualization
( allows users to superimpose encounter data for each of the top 100 DRGs (“conditions”) onto USA maps of obesity, smoking, poverty and educational levels. It also allows users to compare prices and “value indices” (quality per healthcare dollar) from one state to another. This enables users to explore correlations between encounters for any condition and the underlying public health concerns or focus areas (for example the encounters for diabetes or joint replacement and the distribution of obesity).The price and value index mapping allows healthcare consumers to identify the locations for the best value and lowest cost medical care. In addition since number of encounters can be an indication of experience treating a condition, consumers can use the location of highest encounters as one indicator of the location of quality care providers.
Four of of the maps are accessed from a drop down box in the upper left side of the visualization. Two maps (Value index and price) are accessed at the upper right. Conditions are accessed from the drop down box to the right of the screen. When a condition is selected, the numbers of encounters, prices and value indices are automatically populated using circles of different sizes based on quantity of encounters. When the cursor is moved over a circle a callout box appears showing the detailed information. This visualization taken together with the functionality of the PWP Medical Shopper App will identify correlations and enable consumers to become informed healthcare purchasers.

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This is the Paywithpeers submission for the RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge (visualization).

Posted Aug 26, 2013
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Tags Education, Obesity, Poverty, price, quality, Smoking, value index
Tools Custom programming in Javascript and JSP/Java, Google Map APIs for visualisation and Java for parsing the existing data
Data No data sets referenced yet.
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