Passion X Satisfaction

Passion X Satisfaction

There was a time where I was not feeling really good about the things that I created at work. So I started mapping my passion and satisfaction level by using 4 parameters and reflecting them on the jobs that I was working on during the past 6 months. The 4 parameters where Time, Skill Set, Involvement and Quality. Each parameter was divided into 3 intensity levels. I figured that these points are the most important ones for me in order to reach the passion and satisfaction in what I do.

From there I could see that with less time invested the quality of my work was also decreasing. In order to give myself the full picture of my issue I also added my job duties. Here I saw that most of the time I was working on projects that I had the least interest and passion for. The points of my job duty that would be the most appealing for me weren't reached.

With this infographic I went to my managers. I explained them the problem with this visual representation of my personal project profile. Together we figured out a number of really good solutions to make me feel passionate again.

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Posted Jan 5, 2013
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