Overweight and Obesity Rates in England

Overweight and Obesity Rates in England

After reading a BBC News article on obesity rates, I was interested enough to investigate further on my own. While the tables the NHS provide are quite complete, the useful information for me comes from comparing rows against each other. So I built this interactive graph.

By default, it shows all rows (all ages groups, both sexes), but you can zoom to a particular group by using the filter buttons along the top. The red line always indicates the selected group, and hovering the mouse over other lines highlights it for comparison. Mostly, it's useful for seeing which groups are similar to the current group, and the transitions when filtering give some idea of the relationship between groups.

As general trends, men are more likely to be overweight or obese than women (compare the lines for men and women), and more people become overweight or obese as they age (see how the graph moves across age groups). Except for the 75+ group, where the obesity rate drops from the previous age group. Maybe being overweight or obese makes you more likely to die before you reach 75+? Probably, this warrants some further investigation.

Obvious design nods to the excellent jobless rate animated graph from the New York Times.

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Posted Oct 5, 2011
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