Outbreak — Deadliest Pandemics In History

Outbreak — Deadliest Pandemics In History

From the Black Death to the measles, rapidly spreading diseases have taken a toll on humanity for centuries. Here's a look at the biggest and deadliest pandemics ever.


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Wladimir J. Alonso's picture

Very elegant and comprehensive display of the human burden of several major pathogens.
My only suggestion would to implement some sort of measurement of deadliness in relation with the population affected. So, for instance, the Black Death was much more devastating (in relation to the population at that time, killing more than 50% of the inhabitants in the affected areas) than the Spanish Flu (which death tool seems to has been around 1-5%, but which is looks much deadlier with the info provided in this graphic). Perhaps you can use colors on the background to provide this info...