Online Takedown Requests: Don't let the quantity fool you!

Online Takedown Requests: Don't let the quantity fool you!

Takedown requests are visualized after normalizing requests received by each country in 2012 by the proportion of the country's population in its prime crime-committing ages (15-19) in 2010. Zoom in on a country to see summary details of the requests by company. Surprisingly, some countries with a reputation for openness (repression) make far more (fewer) takedown requests than their populations would lead one to expect. Perhaps the requests from countries with a large number of requests are for "minor" issues. Or, maybe some countries prefer to make a small number of requests, each with very broad scope. Either way, our visualization says: don't let the quantity fool you!

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Occasionally, the data that color codes the map may load slower than the map itself. When this happens, the entire map will appear black. I'm working on this, but in the meantime, just hit refresh, and the right colors should pop in. Enjoy!

Posted Jun 28, 2013
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Tags cybercrime, Online Takedown Requests, privacy
Tools d3.js, Excel, mysql, notepad++, R
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