- use mouse scroll to navigate through the list of athletes on the globe
- use mouse to click and rotate the globe
- use mouse click to select filters (country, medal, olympic) etc
- use mouse hover to preview olympic host before clicking to select.

Olympia is an interactive visualization of modern olympic game performances starting from the first games in 1896 in Athens, Greece to present time games in London, Great Britain (2012).

The central theme of the visualization is to encapulate the spirit of the games by representing all athletes that won atleast one medal in a rotating globe that sits on top of the olympic flame. The globe represents the world and the universe of all athletes. Each dot in the globe represents an athlete. The flame is lit by sun rays driven by sound signals from olympic-themed background music. The flame transfers its energy onto the globe and maintains a level of energy that symbolizes the struggle for victory.

This is my 2nd visualization, so your feedback is most welcome.

NOTE: I'll be updating the data to reflect results from London olympics.

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Posted Jul 27, 2012
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Tags Olympia, Olympics, Felix Gonda
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