North Wales Cinema

North Wales Cinema

A brief summary of cinema coverage in North Wales - using cinema locations supplied by the School of Creative Studies and Media at Bangor, this visualization shows a heatmap of cinema proximity. Deeper blue means more cinemas nearby.

I did some experiments weighting cinemas by frequency of films shown, but the end result was that everywhere except the multiplex at Llandudno almost disappeared from the map, even on a logarithmic scale. Eventually, I hope to use this as part of a research project to track evolution of cinemas in North Wales over time.

On the technical side, full source is included with the download: I use an SVG map of Wales and the geomerative library for Processing to render it nicely, plus the java version of Paul Bourke's Conrec to help me extract contours.

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Posted Sep 21, 2011
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Tags cinema, contour, geovisualization, heatmap
Tools Processing
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