Mosquito-born Disease Outbreaks & Temperature

Mosquito-born Disease Outbreaks & Temperature

We visualized the number of mosquito-born diseases reported around major cities in the United States between August and October in 2012. We wanted to find out how temperature influences the number of mosquito-born diseases reported.

We focused on three most popular insect-born diseases: Easter Equine Encephalitis (EEE), West Nile Virus and Dengue fever. There were total of 1137 reports related to these diseases in United States.

In the visualization you can see some relationship between temperature and reports. However, there are also other factors such as population and humidity that affects the insect-born disease outbreaks.

It will be more beneficial to have more data points through out the year to identify better patterns. We also want to see how different types of diseases related to water, food and animals are affected by different temperatures.

We learned about analyzing data manually and thinking conceptually about the data, and enjoyed brainstorming many different story-telling possibilities with this data set.

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Posted Nov 11, 2012
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Tags challenge1, Diseases, Mosquito, New York, NYC, sva meetup, vgm 2012, visualizing global marathon
Tools Adobe Illustrator, cartodb, Microsoft excel
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