Melting and Boiling Points of the Elements

Melting and Boiling Points of the Elements

Melting and Boiling Points of the Elements. While working on two more complicated infographics, an illustration idea, and some client projects; I came across an old graph that I thought I would round out—just a little distraction, yes? Always good to be able to post something while the more complicated projects march on. Reminded also that I have a growing list of over 120 infographic project ideas that I’d like to to in addition to other design and illustration pieces outside of paying work.

This chart is simply showing the melting and boiling points of the chemical elements at one standard atmosphere, plotted against the valence electron blocks. There are a few elements that have more than one melting point—sulfur, phosphorus, and selenium—for differing allotropes, and naturally as the atomic number gets higher, there’s a bit more estimation in the numbers and a few gaps—those ephemeral transuranic synthetics. I added a little texturing because, well, it’s me, signifying the solid, liquid, and gaseous states. Enjoy.

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Posted Jul 20, 2013
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