Mapping Meningitis

Mapping Meningitis

Is there any connection between Meningitis alerts and medical supply by New England Compounding Center?

The collected data of since the beginning of october shows a significant peak in the alerts of Meningitis cases in the United States of America. Wondering about the cause for such a significant peak, research led us to the New England Compounding Center as a manufacturer of a steroid drug of which three lots had been recalled due to Fungal Meningitis contamination, months after the actual delivery to hospitals around the country.

By collecting data about the locations of healthcare facilities that had been supplied with such lots and comparing them with the locations of Meningitis alerts, the data visualization shows the unlikeliness of an Meningitis alert being connected to an contaminated vial of medicine based on distance between alert and healthcare facility.

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Posted Nov 11, 2012
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