Inkjet Printers and Cartridge Usage in 2013

Inkjet Printers and Cartridge Usage in 2013

Businesses can save a lot of resources by being smart and reasonable with the usage of office materials. Many employees and employers might overlook the fact that resources wasted on avoidable administrative tasks will come back to bite them in the near future. Printing is one of the administrative tasks that can potentially cause financial pain. In order create awareness and educate, it would be instructive and thought-provoking for office staff to acquire a real life sense of how much ink is consumed in a global scale.

According to reliable estimates by the IDC, inkjet printers will be served to a healthy portion of inkjet cartridges and ink in 2013. It is estimated that 314 million inkjet cartridges shall be purchased and used in Europe, The Middle East and Africa in 2013. Assuming that an average inkjet cartridge holds 12 ml of ink, the infographic above visualizes what a global ‘print job’ would look like.

It is startling to read that printers will burn through enough ink to fill four and a half Olympic swimming pools in 2013. It would be interesting to see how the glorious Michael Phelps would do in a swimming pool full of ink. Furthermore, the total volume of ink would be enough to print 39 million photos on A4 paper. The info-packed illustration showcases a few other revealing comparisons and anecdotes and would be a fun read.

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Posted Aug 8, 2012
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