How much paper do printers use each year?

How much paper do printers use each year?

Considering the cost and scale of paper usage in and out of office, it makes sense for businesses to be as careful as possible when using paper for administrative and other duties. Printing is one of the daily administrative tasks that can consume paper at staggering rates. A printer is a very handy device but it should not be given a blank check. It would be instructive and thought provoking to discover about global paper usage statistics. In order to give a clear, real life sense of the global scale of paper usage in printers, the above info-packed illustration visualizes how much paper a global ‘print job’ burned through in 2010.

According to reputable IDC data, 3.1 trillion pages were printed from digital hardcopy devices in 2010. Assuming that these pages were mostly printed on A4 paper (297 mm by 210 mm), the infographic above showcases a number of different ways to get a grasp of the global scale of printing and paper usage. For example, if 3.1 trillion printed pages were laid end-to-end, they would reach to Mars and back. I would not rely on such a bridge for getting to Mars, but hey it is a possibility. Another astonishing observation is that 3.1 trillion pages weigh as much as 4.35 million elephants. The above infographic includes a few more intriguing facts and would be a fun and revealing read.

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Posted Aug 7, 2012
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