How to Fight High Hospital Bills with

How to Fight High Hospital Bills with

Walks you through a technical but useful website to find the Medicare price, "the fair price by law," (Steven Brill, Time Magazine, March 4, 2013). This provides a firm basis for the underinsured to negotiate a reasonable hospital bill. It would make a suitable companion to the elegant website, which alllows a person to compare prospective costs by hospital. My contrituion is not elegant because it hovers over the homely and often-technical site, to guide a person to the line-by-line specifics of a present or retrospective bill. It must do that because CMS does not make the underlying data available, and because the American Medical Association hems in the use ("processing") of its proprietary CPT code, which is the index to the site. A better-looking and easier to use revison will be possible when CPT is replaced by the public ICD-10 code, in October 2014. Meantime, there are many medical and other .gov sites which culd benefit the larger public by having this sort of video, which I consider a legitimate use of intellectual property in the manner of book reviewers. For my video pitch, I offer an excerpt at

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I have also applied to the other section of this contest, for support for a PC or Web tool to allow a "reviewer" excerpt and comment on any public website, it the manner of a book reviewer.

Posted Aug 26, 2013
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Steven Brill, "Bitter Pill," Time Magazine Mar 4 2013
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