Hospital Analysis

Hospital Analysis


This interactive data visualization tool is made to evaluate geographical, as well as, inpatient/outpatient procedure trends throughout hospitals in the U.S. In order to tell a very comprehensive report with this data, analysis was separated into three sections.

In the “Geographical Analysis” section, users can analyze geography; and various metrics such as count of hospital, count of patients, type of medical procedures, and financials; like billed and paid amounts. The “Box Plot” chart allows for comparison of states, billed and paid averages per patient, median, and quartiles within chosen geographical location(s). In this sector it is recommended that users select a geographical region or a single state for further hospital breakdown.

In the “Hospital Analysis” section, users can compare hospitals within each county and assess counties to one another. By selecting either single or multiple counties users can explore hospital names within the bar graph. Length/color of the bar represents a selected variable in Metrics1 and the ranking by total discharges.

In the “Analysis by Medical Procedure” section, users can explore hospital billing by either inpatient or outpatient procedures as well as geographical locations. Users can select any number of medical procedures, and then use a box-plot chart to determine median/quartiles, as well as any outlier hospitals within geographical locations with selected procedures.

Interacting with the data and will allow discovery of variances within provided metrics as well as many dimensions. Medicare and Medicate, inpatient and outpatient, public data release was used to create this analysis.

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Posted Aug 27, 2013
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