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Hierarchie provides hierarchical navigation of the different topics or themes from text. These topics are discovered using a technique called Hierarchical Latent Dirichlet Allocation (HLDA), and are represented in the visualization as ordered lists of words, where the size of the word represents its 'importance' to the topic.

Hierarchie was created by the Machine Learning Visualization Lab for DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation. This implementation of a sunburst was based upon Sequences Sunburst by Kerry Rodden and Zoomable Sunburst by Mike Bostock.

For this prototype, we're displaying the results from tweets and Reddit comments collected during the first week of the disappearance of flight MH-370.

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Posted May 13, 2014
Views: 8049
Tags MH-370, Reddit, topic modeling, Twitter
Tools AngularJS, d3.js
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