Heaven USA Map

Heaven USA Map

After the articles posted by the Atlantic Cities, Fast Company Design, and the Huffington Post in October on the Devil & Hell Place Name Map, I worked up a complement for Christmas.

A bit of Heaven on Earth here mapping place names using derivations of God, Heaven, Saints, Church, Angels, and Christmas. There were so many more I investigated or considered working in such as Good and Zion, but cut short so as not to be working in every Biblical reference or positive appellation. I anticipated the populated areas holding more of the heavenly names in contrast to the clustering of devils in remote and rugged terrain of the country. Unsurprising also to see the Spanish and French settled regions showing a concentration. I enjoyed several breaks while laying in the data into California which clearly holds the highest amount of saints between its size, population, and history. All told, I figure there’s more than three thousand points plotted.

I didn’t find as many God landmarks as anticipated, apparently our nation is strewn with more of the Devil’s body parts, and nearly all the saintly names are much more straightforward. However, there were a few names, usually on streets, that did stand out in the layout, including God’s Bath, Angel’s Trumpet Road, Angel Tear Way, In God’s Hand Way, and 6 Santa Claus Lanes. There are also some titles inspiring an investigation into the venue such as The Angel, a peak in Alaska, Bridge of the Gods across the Columbia, Stairway to Heaven Trail in Hawaii, and Cathedral Caverns in Alabama. Not to mention Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park which I’ve hiked, reminding me that being an Angel is the only way you’re going to land from the top of that redrock peak.

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