Health Care Cost Transparent Visualization Challenge.

Health Care Cost Transparent Visualization Challenge.

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Currently people having health issues often have no idea how much a necessary treatment or procedure costs as well as how much a given provider charges for one or other procedure. That may result in some unpleasant surprises thereafter.
Data provided by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has been collected, analyzed, combined and compared with corresponding information from supplementary sources as Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, US Census Bureau, and other.
The data were aggregated in an in-house database, summarized and processed using modern analytical and statistical tools.
Creating this visualization we tried to reveal what factors impact healthcare price and how much charges differ among providers.
It has been revealed that the difference between charges of different providers for the same by classification service can be up to 52 times. While for payments done by Medicare/Medicaid, it doesn't exceed 13 times.
Looking at geographical difference, one can see that an average charge most of all correlates with population of a given state, while an average payment - with the average income. The difference in charges most of all correlates with number of providers in the state, as well as the difference in payments.
Some states have the difference as small as 0.32 times of the minimal (VT,WY) other as big as 12 times (PA), while the same difference for payments is as small as 0.16 times (ND) and as big as 1.96 times (NY)
We hope this presentation and the data help people to make their choice.

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Posted Aug 23, 2013
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