Halloween Costume Trends

Halloween Costume Trends

The data on this one comes from the National Retail Federation charting the most popular adult and children costumes over the past nine years. I noticed a few trends while building. Firstly, zombies gaining in popularity. I’ve read that zombies do well in poor economies, but the costumes could be more symptomatic of our entertainment trends. Though even children gain a little undeadness in 2011.

Also note 2006’s reversals in the top 20 only for that year, no idea what that’s linked to. Many of the top positions are occupied by feminine costumes—witches, princesses, cats, nurses, fairies, and vixens—in particular the first rankings for both adults and children across all the recorded years.

The kids have a larger spread of superheroes than adults, gaining in the comic books later while dropping Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer. I did notice quite a few supers in my own neighborhood last week. I answered the door as Spiderman, noticing that’s a high trend with children and a slight blip with the adults. Guessing I’m still a bit of a kid.

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