Gross State Product

Gross State Product

California is often touted as one of the world’s largest economies and I wonder where the other states rank. This infographic visualizes states by their GSP and colors them by per capita income—bluer for less income and redder for greater. I found too much variation and fuzzy stats on workforce per state which would’ve been a more telling metric, as I know my own state, Utah, has the highest proportion of children, skewing that number down as I doubt there are many kids bringing down a significant income outside of Hollywood. Note Delaware, Wyoming, and Alaska with high per capita incomes based on the GSP, which suggests to me that people are pulling more weight there.

Also noted is the average annual increase of the GSP based on census data from 2007. I’m surprised to see Nevada and Arizona down, knowing of the high influx of population in those states, but Michigan isn’t surprising. I’ve heard about the Dakotas having an economic spring—note the increases in those locales.

After working more complicated infographics, I decided to try for something a bit simpler, more streamlined, and that I can put together over a couple Netflix episodes.

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