Google - LA Office Posters

Google - LA Office Posters

To celebrate the opening of its new offices, Google LA approached frequent design partner JESS3 to create 14 movie-sized posters, one for each of the major engineering efforts at the LA site that would live beyond the opening event in November 2011.

We wanted to make something fun and bright—posters that would get party-goers’ attention, but we also wanted to tell a story, explaining the purpose and strengths of each team on location. We worked closely with the teams to create these beautifully illustrated infographic posters showcasing the inner workings of each platform in a variety of styles incorporating cartoon-like imagery of underwater worlds, pirates, old school locomotives, retro ad execs, and more.

Google said, “Many guests inquired about who did our posters. You guys did a great job helping us translate some pretty complex engineering projects.”

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Posted Jul 17, 2012
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