Gesture Based Data Interaction Using Kinect

Gesture Based Data Interaction Using Kinect

Description of Representation:

Check in and check out events from popular programming languages were represented as arcs through space. These arcs climb up a staircase-like structure that represents time, with each step of the staircase being a month. The height and density of arcs, and the languages they represent via color-coding, allow a viewer to intuitively see trends in computer science languages. Audio tones provide feedback for certain commands.

Gesture Interaction:

A continued area of research in this project has been to develop a gesture based interaction system, which utilizes the Microsoft Kinect.

The software currently supports the following gestures:

Two hand mode: activated when both hands are above the neck.

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Posted Aug 3, 2014
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Tags beautiful data, data, data interaction, gesture, kinect, mat, ucsb
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