Gerena - Medicare Inpatient Analysis

Gerena - Medicare Inpatient Analysis

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My intent was to create a visually interactive dashboard that allowed users to analyze the Inpatient Medicare DRG data from various perspectives, in order to understand costs, and the subsequent variation amongst providers.
The “Location Dashboard” allows users to see variation by physical location, and to select a State in order to see deeper detail by Zip code and Provider.
The “Outlier Comparison Dashboard” enables the user to see the most/least cost effective providers across the country, with the added ability to specify a single DRG, so that an apple-to-apples compare can be made.
The “Product Lines Cost Dashboard” shows all activity at a very high level, with the ability to drill down into specific Product Lines to see the respective DRGs that comprise it, and further, to drill to the providers of that DRG. Showing the actual costs in large text on screen adds impact to the need to focus on costs.
Overall, the ability to drill and limit results amongst the panes in the dashboard allows users to interact seamlessly. Further the use of filters allows users to change the scope of the data being presented very readily.
I enriched the Inpatient data Set with a simple lookup that grouped individual DRGs into “Product Lines” in order to categorize the DRGs into sensible categories. This also enhances the layperson’s understanding of the data, such that lack of a clinical background would not serve as an impediment ot understanding the data.

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Posted Jul 30, 2013
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