geographies of time, weekdays

geographies of time, weekdays

While municipal boundaries (zip codes or administrative boundaries) are actually necessary to provide order and organization to the city, they are not reflecting how people actually live and perceive areas.
The specific goal here is to build novel maps of city areas' boundaries, mapping the different patterns of use (activities on Social Media) on specific areas of the city, and aiming to derive and represent new boundaries of the city neighborhoods: evolving, interplaying and overlapping.
By measuring social media activities (e.g. profile of people sharing from a place, characteristics of venues of the place, "pulsation" of social media activities
according to diverse timestamps in the place, typology of pictures people take in different areas, etc etc) in specific places of the city we aim at identifying some initial clustering operations highlighting similarities and drawing novel boundaries of those area sharing a strong "identity".
This experiment will build novel geographies out of Social Media data production, rather than confirming / evaluating existent and well known ones. Goegraphies of time is the first of a series of spatial aggregation based on Social media. Areas are defined and coloured according to the time period of the day they are pulsing the most.

The city geography is strongly related to the use of urban areas during the two different parts of the day: working hours and non-working hours.

Among the most interesting and well highlighted clusters identified are:

The business areas (where administrative centres, banks and large company headquarters are located) San Babila, Duomo Missori, Porta Garibaldi, and Repubblica, as well as those areas close to the Central station and Cadorna, are populated during office hours: 9am-6pm

The area in the south of the city (Navigli, Porta Ticinese and Porta Romana) is still mainly visited in the evening (from 6pm until midnight).
Porta Venezia, Brera, Sempione, Corso Como and via Cenisio are also densely populated in the evening and night.

The university campuses (Politecnico Leonardo, Politecnico Bovisa, Bicocca) fill up during lesson hours.

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Posted May 28, 2013
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