The Future of Facebook

The Future of Facebook

The future of Facebook might not be where you think it is!

It’s North America and Europe where Facebook currently enjoys the most success, but Asia and South America is where the platform is growing the fastest. At current rates, Asia and South America will outstrip Europe sometime in 2013. Soon, the dominant tongues on Facebook walls might be languages like Spanish and Indonesian.

We looked at the search demand for Facebook-related terms across all of the world for the last seven years. This gives a unique insight into where Facebook is new and fresh, and drawing users away from other social media platforms, and where it is an established force. In the visualisation, the width of the segment shows the current search volume, while the height of the segment shows the rate of increase in demand.

Looking closer reveals further interesting information. The largest Facebook audience in the world? Not the United States, not Germany. It’s Turkey. And wait till India catch up - demand for Facebook on the sub-continent increased by a factor of over 2.5 in the last year. The Facebook universe is changing fast, and is a reflection how the world is changing - we hope to dig into the data, and bring you more interesting facts.

David Hughes was writing on behalf of Dell, who sponsored the creation of this visualisation as part of its promotion of its new range of laptops.

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Now that we're in 2013 does someone know how these predictions played out?

Posted Oct 20, 2011
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