In Favour of Fibre Optic broadband

In Favour of Fibre Optic broadband

Speed has become synonymous with human civilization. One of the familiar expressions of speedier solution will obviously be the broadband internet connection. You may observe that a significant number of broadband deals now include the fibre optic cable.
In its more striking feature, the fibre optic broadband is incredibly faster in comparison to the conventional copper broadband connection. In the earlier version, that is the copper cabling, the broadband speed got severely affected whenever the distance from telephone exchange and the consumer increased. In case of fibre optic, such a scenario is being ruled out, completely.

The fibre optic has the breadth of a human hair. Single fibre optic is designed for carrying the light signals over a long distance. You may imagine the speed of data transfer in any fibre optic broadband infrastructure, where numerous such single cables are bundled together with a strong and durable outer cover. Inside the cable, you may find three distinct divisions with dedicated purpose for each of it. The core, cladding and finally, the buffer, constitute the single fibre optic.

Installation of the fibre optic needs to follow two standard operating procedures, known as FTTC, fibre to the cabinet, and FTTP, fibre to the premises. In the former instance, the fibre optic is being sent to the outside cabinet and then to the consumer. In case of latter, the fibre optic is being directly sent to the consumer. Further detail into the production of a fibre optic, we may observe that, in the first measure, a glass cylinder is being created by adequate application of heat and chemicals. Afterwards, the glass is reheated to an amount of 2000 degree centigrade while stretching it by gravity for the creation of minutely thin cable. In the final stage of the procedure, the cable is then being coated by an ultra violet curing oven. The coating is essentially used for protection against the dust particles.

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Posted Jul 30, 2012
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